First and foremost we want to make your event special.  We will do our best to do so.   We set ourself apart by offering professional experienced drivers and are fully insured.  We ask that you understand that our car is over sixty-five years old.   While we keep it in good working order, we cannot guarantee that a problem might not occur.  In the event of a mechanical issue we will not be responsible for any harm or damages beyond the refund of your payment in the event that we cannot accomplish your departure(s).  All packages must be prepaid.  Reservations or requests for service are not to be considered accepted until confirmed by us.  All prices are subject to sales taxes.  Hourly rates require a minimum charge of one hour.  By authorizing charges to your credit/debit card you authorize all charges under these terms including: for payments due, for overage charges and for cleaning expenses.  A cleaning charge for the actual costs or at least $150.00 shall apply to any bird seed, rice, foreign objects, spills or staining in the automobile.  No food or drinks or beverages of any kind are allowed in the automobile.  No signs, unless otherwise approved in advance, will be placed on the automobile.  The automobile may not otherwise be decorated.  Please no sitting or laying on the exterior of the automobile.   You agree that we may photograph you and your guests and our automobile and you further license our use and posting said images in our promotional materials.  Please make other arrangements for your personal items or luggage.  Delays in the departure(s) beyond one hour for one departure package or two hours for two departure package will be chargeable at the hourly rate of $250.00 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments.  Time incurred after leaving you at your destination is not chargeable.  We reserve the right to decline service at any time in the event that you or your guests pose a harm to our driver or automobile.   In the event of any claim by you for liability or damages of any kind from Classic Getaways, LLC, your recovery shall be limited to the amount of payments received from you.  You will be responsible for any damages to the automobile caused by your negligence or intentional acts.  By authorizing our charges to your card you are agreeing to these terms. This agreement shall be governed by Mississippi law.  We each agree to waive all rights to a trial by jury.  Thank you for choosing Classic Getaways, LLC.